Eggborough, like all coal-fired power stations, converts fossil fuels into useful energy. This process of electricity generation results in emissions to air and discharges to water; which we manage in accordance with the appropriate regulations.

In recent years, in addition to coal, we have also started to burn Biomass. Biomass is the common name for organic materials used as renewable energy sources, such as wood, crops and waste. At Eggborough we use biomass derived from the olive plant, usually in the form of pellets. Biomass is classed as a carbon neutral fuel.

Environmental Policy
Our eight key policy principles are:

  • Integration of environmental factors into the business strategy.

  • Compliance with all applicable environmental statutory requirements.

  • Continuous Improvement of our environmental performance through setting challenging environmental Key Performance Indicators.

  • Management Review of environmental performance.

  • Prevention and Control of pollution from the process by implementing appropriate control measures.

  • Reporting of our environmental performance in the annual environmental Performance Report and via statutory returns.

  • Training our people to understand their environmental responsibilities and consider the impact of their activities on the environment.

  • Recognition of our reputation for effective environmental management through certification to recognised standards.

Environmental Objectives
We remain committed to investment in the future of the business. Eggborough Power Ltd actively participates in technical forums with other power generators and the Environment Agency at local and national level in order to remain at the forefront of new environmental control and management techniques.

An independent company audits our environmental management system every six months to monitor compliance with the international environment management system standard – ISO 14001.
Emissions Reduction
Construction of Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) at Eggborough has resulted in a significant reduction in the emissions of sulphur dioxide and particulate matter. This major investment reinforces our commitment to improved environmental performance in the future.

Boosted Over Fire Air (BOFA) plant was installed at Eggborough in order to reduce emissions of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) into the atmosphere. NOx is released as a result of combustion. BOFA works by forcing air into a higher section of the boiler. This staged combustion causes coal to burn at a lower temperature and as a result reduces the amount of NOx which is produced.
Land Management & Biodiversity
We continue to deliver biodiversity through integrated Land Management Plans at Gale Common ash disposal site and at Eggborough Power Station. The plans protect and enhance wildlife and conserve the local landscape character and historical heritage.
Links To The Community
The Station values its strong links with the local community and has continued to develop an open and pro-active relationship with interested parties. Regular meetings are held with the local Parish Forum and the Eggborough Joint Consultative Committee.
Links To Industry
We have worked with other major generators on the Joint Environmental Programme (JEP) which continues to work with the Environment Agency to investigate solutions to a broad range of environmental issues affecting land, air and water.