Our History

Construction of the power station began in 1962 and we began supplying the National Grid in 1967. The official opening of the Station was on 18th September 1970.

As a result of privatisation, Eggborough passed from the ownership of the Central Electricity Generating Board to a newly created company, National Power, which was floated on the London Stock Exchange in March 1991.

Eggborough was bought by British Energy in March 2000.

In January 2009 British Energy was bought by EDF Energy. As part of that purchase process, Eggborough divested from EDF and became an independent business on 1st April 2010.

Since the official opening, the Station operation has varied from the initial continuous running day and night (base loading) to a mix of generation where units are run flexibly (two shifting) to match the daily generation demands.

Initially, the Station was focussed upon improving the performance of the original equipment to improve upon the original design intent. However, from the early nineties to present day a number of upgrades have been undertaken to improve environmental performance and to replace major components with more efficient modern day designs.

Environmental Improvements
In the autumn of 1998, a project began at Eggborough to fit additional electrostatic precipitators to each of the four generating units to further reduce the particulate emissions from the Station.

The Station fitted Flue Gas De-sulphurisation (FGD) equipment to Unit 3 and Unit 4. This project commenced on site in 2001 with the fitting of a chimney liner on Unit 4 and was completed and fully commissioned on both units in 2005. This upgrade added a significant amount of plant and equipment to each of these units, using limestone to capture the sulphur in the flue gas and produce building quality gypsum used in the production of plaster board.

During 2005 a boiler burner and combustion air system BOFA (Boosted Over Fire Air) commenced on Unit 4 to reduce Nitrogen Oxide emissions. This was then carried out on Unit 1 in 2006 and Unit 3 in 2007.

The above activities help Eggborough to fully comply with the Station’s operating licence issued by the Environmental Agency to satisfy the UK requirements under European Legislation (Large Combustion Plant Directive) that came in to force on 1st January 2008. This legislation limits the Station’s flue gas emissions of Sulphur (SO2) Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Particulates (Dust).

Generation Performance Upgrades
Low pressure (LP) turbine replacements were carried out on Unit 4 in 1993, Unit 1 in 1994 and Unit 3 in 1995. This project increased the Units’ thermal efficiency and generated output.

High pressure (HP) turbine replants were carried out on Unit 4 in 2005 and Unit 3 in 2007. This again increased the unit thermal efficiency and output generated.

In addition to the power station, Eggborough Power Ltd (EPL) also manages the Gale Common ash disposal site. The Gale Common site has been in operation since 1968 and accepts pulverised fuel ash (PFA) from both Eggborough and Ferrybridge power stations.

The site has been developed in stages; Stage I initially comprised of two lagoons which have now been graded and landscaped with top soil. They no longer form part of the installation but are a haven for wildlife and are used by local farmers for grazing. Stage II and Stage III remain operational.